The face of true hue

At True Hue, we believe that what you put onto your skin and what is absorbed into your body should be ethically formulated, sourced and produced. Along with natural ingredients and minimalist packaging, happiness plays a large role in one's health. In turn, we have sought out to create a brand that is completely transparent; a line of skincare and wellness products by which each and every component of our original recipes are beneficial to its user, relies on the powers of nature and celebrates everyone’s imperfectly perfect complexion.


We are passionate about

  • Providing a transparent platform for our buyers.

  • Naturally and ethically sourced ingredients.

  • Recyclable and sustainable packaging.

  • Working with small businesses.

  • Using ingredients and creating products that don’t harm the earth.

  • Educating consumers about greener ways to treat their skin and bodies along with the world around us.

  • Absolutely zero detergents, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, unnatural preservatives or artificial fragrances.

  • Not testing on animals.

  • Local production.